In response to a post by "The Riot", one Tumblr user speculated that "many women" find the attention that of street harassment enjoyable. So I asked the question, how many women? So far, the answer is zero.

21st November 2013

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Maybe a month or two ago, I was out walking my dog in my neighborhood. I live in a pretty good area, so I figured it would be alright to just walk with her for an hour. Boy, was I wrong.

I got to the edge of the neighborhood when some guy says hello to me. I had already mentally prepared myself for anything that was going to happen. I turned the volume of my music in my headphones down for a bit to say “hi” back for a bit, then kept walking. Dude decides to follow me. “Why won’t you talk to me?” and so on and so forth. I figured it would be bad to let this creep know where I live, so for a whole hour I had to try to escape him. He kept telling me very vulgar things about what he wanted to do to me, which I replied with “I have a boyfriend.” (I actually don’t, I had to make that part up.) That wasn’t enough to stop him. He had begun to read some of the patches on my vest, and my lowest patch is near my butt. He grabbed at my vest in an attempt to read my patch, so I swatted him away and began to text my crush and best guy friend for some advice on what to do. About an hour later, when this creep is still following me he called me, and we started talking on the phone.

He finally left me alone. A whole hour of following me when I’m clearly giving “back off” signals and it isn’t enough to get him to leave me alone, but when I finally get a guy to call me, it is? When he finally left me alone and I was clear to go home, I kept asking myself things like “why wouldn’t he leave me alone until I had one of my guy friends intervene?” and “why doesn’t it mean anything when I say “please leave me alone?” It wasn’t the first time I was followed and sadly it won’t be the last. I just hope that guys learn that this isn’t complimentary and it’s actually very scary. I don’t even want to think how it would have ended up if I never had my dog.

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21st November 2013

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I was riding the train home when I group of three guys came and sat all around me blocking me in where I was. I continued to just sit there until one started waving his hand in front of my face. They all said I was the prettiest girl and wanted to know where I worked, what I did, where I was going, etc. Then started demanding I tell them my phone number and implying I owed it to them because they were complimenting me. When I got off the train they all got off too and watched me walk to my car. It was terrifying. I was shaking for the rest of the day.

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20th November 2013

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i cannot take it anymore!!! please ALL MEN, STOP YELLING RUDE SH*T AT ME.

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30th October 2013

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Halloween harassment

This happened this past weekend while celebrating Halloween downtown. I went out with some friends but then decided later on I wanted to go home and arranged for a friend to pick me up. As soon as I was alone walking down the street, some guy came up to me and, having noticed my costume, he said, “Oh, so you’re a hippie? I like hippies. Why don’t you come with me?” It was very creepy so I broke away and said, “Actually, I’m going home.” Well, apparently he wasn’t alone. He followed me and along with like 4 other guys just harassed me as I was standing waiting to cross the street. He crouched down and started blowing air at my skirt, as if he was trying to get it to lift up. It was not only humiliating because there were so many people around, but it was downright sexist and beyond rude. It upset me so much that when my friend came to pick me up, I actually broke down crying. I’ve been the victim of much worse in the past, but this time I actually stood up for myself. It’s like you can never feel safe anymore.

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25th October 2013

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Yesterday, while I was waiting for some friends on the street, a homeless man came to me asking for money. I apologised and said I didn’t have any coins in my wallet. Then, he procceeded to tell me how beautiful I was and making disgusting comments about my lips. All I could say was “fuck you”, but he was already leaving and I don’t think he heard it.

I hate these men. Why the hell do they think they can do this? This guy was mad because I didn’t give him any money and so he thought he should try to intimidate me and humiliate me, turning me into a sex object that happened to be there for him to look at, analyse and comment.


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19th October 2013

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I’m a music theatre major at my college, and every Thursday I take ballet. So, today to school I wore my tights, my leotards, and I also wore this cute skirt over top of my leotards that I really enjoy and I think looks nice on me. The skirt is a little short, but I always think it’s fine because I’m still wearing my leotards.

I was heading back to residence after my last class of the day, and when I walked by this group of guys, they started whistling at me. They didn’t stop, even when I went further on. I’ve never been whistled at before, but I can say that it really bothered me. Everyone walks through the teacher’s parking lot to get to the school from residence and the back parking lots, and as I was walking through, a car pulled up next to me. A young woman rolled down the window, probably in her early thirties, and asked if I wanted a ride away from the “boys”.

I politely declined her offer and told her I was in residence so I didn’t have much farther to walk anyways, but her generosity was so amazing and I was glad to know that someone was there for me.

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17th October 2013

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Words are weapons too

This isn’t technically “street” harassment as it happened indoors, though still in a public space. I was traveling on my own. My plane had just landed in the Toronto airport, and as I was walking off and through the terminal with the crowd of passengers there was this man walking along beside me, who kept stealing glances at me. We approached a narrow entry way, and he stepped back, offering me to “go ahead.” As I did, I heard him mutter, “the view from here is better anyway.” I was wearing shorts at the time, and as I realized this I quickened my steps, fighting the temptation to turn around and do something about it. 

I am grateful it did not go beyond that, but I none the less felt abused and absolutely helpless, especially in knowing I would be facing a losing battle if I tried to confront it - I am a small woman traveling on her own, who minded her own business, in a place that was not home. It was frustrating, and I was terrified that I was going to see him again somewhere in the airport. Even though they were “just words”, they were powerful - powerful enough to force me into to the bathroom and change into sweats. I felt safer, but I hated that it had to be that way, that I had to be the one to ‘fix myself’; that all it takes is a meaningless outfit choice on your part to render you ‘vulnerable.’ The terror of words never felt so real. 

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17th October 2013

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I went to a pride parade and while waiting for the bus to get back to campus, a man walked past me and slid his finger along my butt. He turned his head and smiled like it was all in good fun, but it really upset me and kinda ruined the day. I’ve never experienced someone physically touching me like that until today.

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7th October 2013

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I was walking home from school a few weeks ago when I passed a guy masturbating outside. To make it clear, this was not in private property, it was outside. By a park with a playground designed for kids to use. I saw him leering at me but quickly went on my way, ignoring him but wasn’t quick enough to avoid him reaching out and piching my ass with the hand that wasn’t on his dick. I felt violated and sick but was too shocked to do anything but sprint away.

Earlier today, I was walking the same route (I didn’t think that the previous incident was commonplace enough or that it was okay for me to feel so threatened that I had to add an extra 20 minutes onto my journey - normally, it’s a safe area) when I passed another guy, also pleasuring himself. I was looking down at my phone and had paused momentarily to take a sip of my coffee when I noticed him staring at me, using me as a stimulus to jerk off to. I felt creeped out and walked briskly away and heard him shout ‘great bum’ at me. 

I felt really shaken up and told one of my best friends about what had happened. He told me that I ‘should be flattered’. 

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6th October 2013

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sodarlingbehomesoon said: If you're on campus and have someone harassing you like leering at you and if you feel comfortable doing so you should totally contact your campus police. It's a bit of a hassle, because it's a scary situation, but they can put it out as a BOL, notify the campus via e-mail of suspicious activity, and on my campus we put that person on a trespass list if they aren't a student. When they put the person on a trespass list they can then arrest them the next time they're on campus.